Past events

International Anatomy Olympiad 2019- Anatomy Park

IAO was first held in Tartu in May 2019. It was organized by second year medical students – Markus Tamm and his peers (see photo). A total of forty 1st and 2nd year medical students from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania competed in the event. Students knowledge of anatomy was put to the test by various theoretical and practical tasks, for example the competitors had to figure out neural pathways and build a moving joint out of wooden blocks. After a long day of intense problem solving, the participants gathered at the Old Anatomical Theatre for a film gala and social games. The event got a highly positive reception from the participants. Last year’s winning team member Samuel Rüsse summed up the competition by saying that participation in the Anatomy Olympiad deepened friendships between teammates as well as overall collegiality.

International Anatomy Olympiad 2020- Anatomy Theatre

This year’s olympiad took place in August and was organized by second year medical students – Jaanika Kilgi, Samuel Rüsse, Mihkel Hallen, Martti Vanker and Peeter Paul Kollist. A total of twenty-seven 1st and 2nd year medical students from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland competed in the event. Sweden and Poland were also interested in participating in IAO, but due to COVID-19, it wasn’t possible for them. The olympiad was still a success in spite of the strict measures that were implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We had participants from more countries and universities than the year before and we intend to grow even bigger.

International Anatomy Olympiad 2021- Anatomy Cruise

International Anatomy Olympiad 2021 took our participants on a cruise. Practical tasks involved every activity possible to do on a cruise from eating in a buffet to playing golf and partying in a club. Anatomy Cruise was organized by 2nd year medical students Sirle Tobber, Rita Mürkel, Gerly Tohu, Kristiina Kingo, Rebecca Tamm and 4th year student Marcus Tamm. Our cruise was popular and more international than last year, including 1st and 2nd year medical students from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Russia.

International Anatomy Olympiad 2022- Anatomy Cinema

Anatomy Cinema is the biggest olympiad by number of participants and internationality so far. It was organized by 2nd year medical students Sonja Liis Kaara, Laura Marleen Männik, Mari-Liis Männard, Kristin Rossmann, Marie Elise Soomre and 3rd year student Rebecca Tamm. For the first time in Anatomy Olympiad history in addition to medical students from Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Lithuania, there were participants from Slovenia and The Czech Republic. This year participants stepped into the scene of a movie. Genres varied from the good old classics (Titanic and Saw) to different cartoons (Ratatouille and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) and Marvel movies.

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